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Perpetual Motion

Cultural and artistic expressions are continually evolving, transforming in response to new social circumstances and as emerging materials spur the reinvention of traditional practices. In Africa, dance has been an important form of social communication and celebration, connecting past and present. Traditionally African dancers have drawn on the local environment and materials for their attire, tying strings of shells, stones or plants around their legs, arms or neck to add sounds as they moved.

Recycling in Fashion: Nehal El-Hadi with Tanya Theberge and Anika Kozlowski

FREE  VIEW RECORDING HERE Join Guest Programmer and  Studio Magazine editor-in-chief Nehal El-Hadi in conversation with Anika Kozlowski, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design, Ethics and Sustainability at Ryerson University and Tanya Théberge, creative director and founder of responsibly-sourced fashion…

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