Friendship Handkerchief, T01.13.3
Posted: Jan 8th, 2020 | Collection Spotlight

Happy Valentine's Day from TMC!

Our object of the week is full of love!

This week we’re featuring a Hutterite (a branch of the Anabaptists) “friendship handkerchief” from Western Canada, made by Magdalena Wipf for Peter Entz in 1916. This cotton handkerchief features cross-stitching; embroidered on the front of the handkerchief is “To the only one I love – forget me not – Magdalena Wipf – Peter Entz,” along with their initials and the date. Friendship (another term for sweetheart) handkerchiefs were a traditional token of courtship, and date back to the sixteenth century origins of Hutterite communities in German and Austrian territories. This token of serious affection was given to a Hutterite man during courtship, and if the couple married, became a warm reminder of their courting days.

To find out more about this friendship handkerchief and Hutterite women’s textile work, please check out, our online exhibition.

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