Andrea Diplock
Posted: Jan 8th, 2020 | Volunteering

Volunteer for 15 years

Please join us in celebrating National Volunteer Week, April 7-13!

We are thankful for everything our volunteers do to support the Museum and appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Andrea Diplock has been nominated for a Volunteer Toronto Legacy Award! She will be attending a Volunteer Toronto reception on April 9th as part of National Volunteer Week 2019.

Andrea first came to the Textile Museum of Canada as a workshop participant. She was so impressed by the Museum and the friendliness of staff and volunteers that she decided to stay. That was 15 years ago!

Andrea started by helping in the Museum Shop and the annual More Than Just a Yardage Sale. She went on to coordinate the sale for several years. Currently, she’s a regular volunteer in the Museum Shop, where you’ll find her every Monday. She enjoys tidying the shelves so she can touch the textiles.

What Andrea values most about her experience at the Museum is her relationships with volunteers and staff, learning about the Museum’s exhibitions, and interacting with visitors.

Prior to volunteering at the museum, Andrea was an award-winning professor of Early Childhood Education at Seneca College.

We thank Andrea for her 15 years of service and are excited that she is being honoured by her community.

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