Become an Institutional Member!
Posted: Jan 31st, 2024 | News

Unlock the richness of our exhibitions, programming, and Textile Learning Hub with Institutional Memberships at the Textile Museum of Canada!

Discover a world of textiles and fashion with the Textile Museum of Canada’s Institutional Membership. Committed to accessibility and sharing the beauty of global textile arts with diverse communities, our memberships provide institutions with exclusive access to our exhibitions, engaging programming, and regular activities in our Textile Learning Hub daily when the Museum is open. 

Institutional Membership Packages 

Option 1: Per Person 

Designed for institutions seeking flexibility, Option 1 allows your organization to enroll a class or faculty-sized group, giving each member the chance to explore the Textile Museum of Canada. This option is perfect for educational institutions looking to integrate textile arts into their curriculum or for smaller groups interested in a shared artistic experience. 


  • $10.00 per person annually

Option 2: By Operating Budget 

For a comprehensive institutional experience, Option 2 offers an annual, institution-wide membership based on your operating budget. This option provides your entire organization with unlimited access to the Museum’s exhibitions, programming and Textile Learning Hub, fostering a deep appreciation for global textile arts throughout your entire community. 

Pricing by Operating Budget: 

  • Under $500,000 ($350)
  • Between $500,000-$1 million ($600)
  • Between $1 -2.5 million ($750)
  • Between $2.5 – $5 million ($1,500)
  • Between $5 – $10 million ($3,000)
  • Over $10 million ($5,000)

Membership Benefits: 


For the individuals covered under the Institutional Membership: 

  • Unlimited, free admission to the Museum for 12 months, including access to the Textile Learning Hub with ongoing activities. 
  • 10% discounts on workshops, lectures, and events hosted by the Museum. 
  • 10% Museum Shop discount. 

For the Institution: 

  • 10% discount on the rental of the Museum’s auditorium and theatre, and the Textile Learning Hub for events hosted by the institution. 
  • 10% discount on all group tours (these must be pre-arranged with staff).  
  • 10% discount on customized activities for group tours and workshops in our Textile Learning Hub to enhance educational experiences with hands-on learning. 


All individuals covered in the membership must be over 16 years of age. For those with younger students, they must be accompanied by chaperones. Proof of membership to the institution is required for entry into the museum under this program. Types of eligible institutions include only those registered in Canada, such as: 

  • Colleges   
  • Universities 
  • High Schools 
  • Private Schools 
  • Guilds 

Past Institutional Members Include:  

  • Humber College 
  • George Brown College 
  • Sheridan College 
  • Harbourfront Centre (Artists in Residence Program) 
  • Centennial College 
  • Seneca College 
  • University of Toronto 
  • OCADU 
  • Toronto Metropolitan University 


How to Sign Up: 

Simply choose the option that best suits your institution’s needs and reach out to Amanda Pajak, Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives & Administration, at or 416-599-5321 x32. We’re here to assist with any questions you may have regarding the enrollment process or membership details. 

Join us in fostering a deeper appreciation for textile arts within your institution and creating lasting connections with the Textile Museum of Canada. Let the threads of creativity and culture weave themselves into your educational experience!