The Textile Museum of Canada presents Watercolour, a cultural project presented in partnership with the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan American Games from July 10-26, 2015. Celebrating the culture and artistry of Pan American nations, Watercolour will comprise 41 sails featuring artwork by one artist from each participating country. Encompassing work from internationally renowned to emerging and mid-career artists, the designs will animate sailboats on Lake Ontario with their rich visual diversity during ceremonies at the Toronto 2015 Games.

A perfect complement to the Museum’s 40th anniversary celebrations in 2015, the Textile Museum of Canada’s award-winning work with contemporary artists and global cultural traditions informed the project. Using one of the most ancient and most iconic expressions of textiles in everyday life that transcend space and time, sails uniquely communicate what we have in common – the universal experiences and imaginations that inspire everyone, artists to athletes, to achieve their dreams.

Together the designs on the sails speak to shared environments and ways of life as well as cultural and artistic relationships between Pan Am countries. Presented by the Textile Museum of Canada in conjunction with the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan American Games with the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

Type: Exhibition

Date: Jul 14, 2015 - Jul 17, 2015

Scheduled sailings

Tuesday, July 14th

Canada: Nadia Myre and Karen Elaine Spencer
Antigua and Barbuda: Heather Doram
Argentina: Chiachio & Giannone
Aruba: Danilo Geerman
Bahamas: Dylan Rapillard
Barbados: Elizabeth Stewart
Belize: Pen Cayetano
Bermuda: Ami Zanders
Bolivia: Sonia Falcone
Brazil: Carolina Ponte
British Virgin Islands: Debi Carson

Wednesday, July 15th

Canada: Nadia Myre and Karen Elaine Spencer
Cayman Islands: Randy Chollette
Chile: Malu Stewart
Colombia: Maite Tobon
Costa Rica: Felix Murillo
Cuba: Alejandro Gómez Cangas
Dominica: Pauline Marcelle
Dominican Republic: Fernando Tamburini
Ecuador: Paula Barragán
El Salvador: Boris Ciudad Real
Grenada: Maureen St. Clair

Thursday, July 16th

Canada: Nadia Myre and Karen Elaine Spencer
Guatemala: Hugo Gonzalez Ayala
Guyana: Marlon Forrester
Haiti: Christina Clodomir-Makeda
Honduras: Bella Wilshire
Jamaica: Bernard Hoyes
Mexico: Héctor Falcón
Nicaragua: Alejandro Benito Cabrera
Panama: Maria Raquel Cochez
Paraguay: Renatta Avila
Peru: Magaly Sanchez

Friday, July 17th

Canada: Nadia Myre and Karen Elaine Spencer
Puerto Rico: Ricardo Ávalo
Saint Kitts and Nevis: Kate Spencer
Saint Lucia: Llewellyn Xavier
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Camille Musser
Suriname: Marcel Pinas
Trinidad and Tobago: Christopher Cozier
United States of America: Chris Johanson
Uruguay: Santiago Velazco
Venezuela: Paulo Castro
Virgin Islands: Lucien Downes

Check out the event every night from Ontario’s Celebration Zone at Harbourfront Centre! Best viewing will be from the foot of the Power Plant Art Gallery (231 Queens Quay W. and Simcoe Street) and Sugar Beach (25 Dockside Drive).

  • 5:30 – Launch from Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating (HCSP) docks (Queens Quay and Rees Street) and sail east towards Corus Building/Corus Quay (Queens Quay and Jarvis Street)
  • 6 pm – Hold off in fleet position near Ontario’s Celebration Zone at the foot of the Power Plant Art Gallery (Queens Quay and Simcoe Street) for 10 mins for viewing and photo opportunities
  • 6.30 pm – Complete sail past for return to HCSP
Country Artist Country Artist
Antigua & Barbuda Heather Doram Guatemala Hugo Gonzalez Ayala
Argentina Chiachio & Giannone Guyana Marlon Forrester
Aruba Danilo Geerman Haiti Christina Clodomir-Makeda
Bahamas Dylan Rapillard Honduras Bella Wilshire
Barbados Elizabeth Stewart Jamaica Bernard Hoyes
Belize Pen Cayetano Mexico Héctor Falcón
Bermuda Ami Zanders Nicaragua Alejandro Benito Cabrera
Bolivia Sonia Falcone Panama Maria Raquel Cochez
Brazil Carolina Ponte Paraguay Renatta Avila
British Virgin Islands Debi Carson Peru Magaly Sanchez
Canada Nadia Myre & Karen Elaine Spencer Puerto Rico Ricardo Ávalo
Cayman Islands Randy Chollette Saint Kitts & Nevis Kate Spencer
Chile Malu Stewart Saint Lucia Llewellyn Xavier
Colombia Maite Tobon Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Camille Musser
Costa Rica Felix Murillo Suriname Marcel Pinas
Cuba Alejandro Gómez Cangas Trinidad & Tobago Christopher Cozier
Dominica Pauline Marcelle United States Chris Johanson
Dominican Republic Fernando Tamburini Uruguay Santiago Velazco
Ecuador Paula Barragán Venezuela Paulo Castro
El Salvador Boris Ciudad Real Virgin Islands Lucien Downes
Grenada Maureen St. Clair


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