Padina Bondar: Refuse

A revolutionary approach to textile, fashion and sustainability.

Created using disposed materials, no longer destined for landfill.

Featuring works created by artist and designer Padina Bondar, this exhibition is what Padina describes as a display of magic that results in combining traditional tools and techniques with modern-day technology and engineering. From hand-spun plastic waste to couture quality bobbin lace and embroideries, weaves, knits, crochet, and embellishments made of disposed materials, this new narrative will challenge systems, change perspectives, and inspire change. 

Type: Exhibition

Date: Apr 19, 2023 - Jun 18, 2023

Padina Bondar is an award-winning, internationally exhibited designer and avid dumpster diver best known for her technical skills and distinctive themes. She is a hybrid maker on a mission to clean up the planet with glamour and finesse. Born, in Iran, raised in Toronto, and now living in New York, her multicultural approach and inspirations result in drastic new ideas and creations.


View the recording of the Artist Talk with Padina Bondar here.

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