Drop-In Activity: Progress Flag Community Quit

Inspired by “Quilting Bees” a get-together for people to work on quilting projects with like-minded individuals, we want to create a flag made by the Textile Museum Community! We are making a 3’ x 5’ quilt inspired by the Progress Pride Flag

In this drop-in activity, visitors can help personalize 6.5” x 6.5” fabric squares that will later be added to our flag. Squares can be made or decorated using any textile techniques that are available at the Learning Hub and using Reuse Materials. We will also accept additional homemade squares until June 21st. Please coordinate with Maria by emailing her at mmoreno@textilemuseum.ca.

Everyone is invited to participate in this project to demonstrate how the Museum is a place of acceptance and welcomes everyone into our space. The Textile Museum thrives to be a positive, inclusive, and safe environment for all.

While the original Pride Flag was created by Gilbert Baker, The Progress Flag was designed in 2018 by Daniel Quasar. It includes elements of the Trans Pride flag (created by Monica Helms), the More Color, More Pride flag (introduced by Amber Hikes) and the Victory Over AIDS flag (suggested by Sergeant Leonard Matlovich).

With this new design, Daniel wanted to “force the viewer to confront their own feelings towards the original Pride flag and its meaning as well as the differing opinions on who that flag really represents, while also bringing into clear focus the current needs within our community.” You can learn more about the Progress Flag here

Date: Jun 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023

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