Bobbin Lace 101 with Padina Bondar – Beginner Workshop

In-Person Workshop

Pricing: General $80, Supporters $70

Bobbin Lace 101 will simplify one of the most intricate and exclusive textile-making techniques. Bobbin lace held a high place in society for centuries, losing the spotlight when industrialization provided more efficient ways of creating lace. However, over the past few years, it is again gaining popularity and appreciation as a highly valued handcraft. Despite looking intimidating, learning to bobbin lace can be a fun and rewarding process with a low barrier to entry, easily getting started with improvised tools found in most households. Throughout this workshop, attendees will learn the basics of bobbin lace, how to set up a basic workstation, and various beginner stitches.

All materials and patterns will be provided.

For any accessibility needs, or other questions, please email Allie Davis,

Type: Program

Date: Jun 17, 2023, 2pm - 5pm

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