Thirst Nation: Quench

Are you ready to indulge your senses, Toronto? Join us as Thirst Nation proudly kicks off Pride Month and National Indigenous History Month with 'Thirst Nation: Quench,' a groundbreaking collaboration with Indigenous Fashion Arts, Native Women in the Arts, the Textile Museum, and Woodland Cultural Center. Get ready to set the DoubleTree Hilton ablaze with an electrifying evening of Indigi-queer euphoria, culminating in the ultimate fashionista's closing party that promises to leave every attendee spellbound.

DOOR: 9:00 AM | SHOW: 11:00 PM

Prepare to be immersed in a fusion of scorching vibes and dazzling aesthetics, as we celebrate the radiant diversity of skin tones and the exuberance of queer community under the blazing sun. Embrace the sultry atmosphere with hues of beige, black, brown, and peach – evoking images of sun-kissed skin, passion, and the relentless pursuit of quenching desires.

Featuring an extraordinary lineup of national artists as; Fawn Big Canoe, Montreal’s Owen Unruh and Raymond Jordan-Johnson Brown.  Headlining our event is Chelazon Leroux and ‘#1 Most Influential Burlesque Performer in the World’/ ‘Miss Exotic World 2022’ crowned artist Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière, and local starlets Anita Bannock, Arrakiss, Tygr Willy, Rosé Parks, Ravyn Wngz, Thrasher, and Yamari.

Stay updated on Instagram @thirstnationshow for the lineup. Join us for a scorching celebration of pride and community!

Promo codes are available for Trans & Indigenous community members, as well as QPOC community members. Please reach out to @thirstnationshow over messenger to access those.

Type: Event

Date: Jun 1, 9pm - Jun 2, 2am

Ticket Pricing

Early Bird (Available until May 18): $40.00

Tier 1 (Available until May 24): $50.00

Tier 2 and Door Tickets: $65.00



Don’t worry babes, Tygr Willy burnt down Neverland and saved all those thotty Faeries. Tygr Willy is Canada’s Them Fatale sure to leave you tongue tied. They’re part of the illustrious K-POP Drag Girl group the ‘Rice Queens‘, and the group has toured to Ottawa Capital Pride and Calgary Pride this last summer 2023. They’re notorious for producing such events as; Thirst Nation, Our Flag Means Queer, Passion Fruit, Colour Me Now, and Drop Deadly Gorgeous: the Pageant.  All events prioritising the Drag, Burlesque, Club Kid nightlife scene focusing on gender expansive and racialized artists. They’ve recently been featured on the CRAVE TV show ‘1 Queen, 5 Queers’, and in the documentary ‘Supporting Our Selves’ Follow them on Instagram: @tygrwilly_



Fawn Big Canoe, your friendly DJ. DJing and making parties for over 2 decades at various venues and events, both private and public. A proud Chippewa of Georgina Island First Nation, based in the beautiful city of Toronto, ON. Canada and available to all parts of the globe. “I’m sorry my dear but I’ve chosen disco.” Follow them on Instagram: @fawnbigcanoe


Yamari (miskita-kriol) credits her music influences to her dad’s old tapes and CDs, anime, nature walks, backyard BBQs and 00s girl groups. Propelled by her ADHD and nostalgia, as well as her desire to keep the cuties movin on the dancefloor, always expects the unexpected from her sets. She our first DJ with Thirst Nation for their first of the 2024 series ‘Thirst Nation: Chill’ in Buddies in Bad Time’s Rhubarb Festival. Follow them on Instagram: @soy.yamri




The creator …. of IndigiBabes Burlesque. Madame Ode’Miin Surprise is the mother of Babes, an auntie, artist, and educator.  Madame is truly like a craving for strawberries on a warm summer evening, mouthwatering and sweet with a little tartness that will always leave you wanting more! Follow them on Instagram: @madame.odemiin_surprise




Chelazon Leroux from Canada’s Drag Race is Layten Byhette’s stage name. Chelazon (she/he/they) is a two-Spirit Dene First Nations Multidisciplinary Artist. Chelazon’s artistic pursuits include: Drag, stand-up comedy, and social media content creation. Chelazon uses her Indigenous identity— as a status member of Buffalo River Dene Nation (Treaty 10) and family ties to Fond Du Lac First Nation (Treaty 8) —as the foundation for her creative works. Chelazon is best known for her Auntie persona and TikTok posts. Chelazon uses her social media influence to educate and entertain audiences worldwide. Her goal is to utilize her responsibilities as a Two-Spirit  multimedia artist to bring Two-Spirit’s historical role into the modern world. To educate and entertain audiences worldwide on  the experiences, stories, and beauty of Indigenous identity. Follow them on Instagram: @chelazonleroux


Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière, aka Lauren Ashley Jiles, is a Afro-Indigenous internationally renowned neo-burlesque dancer, teacher, and activist hailing from the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake, Quebec.She began her burlesque career in 2005 in Montreal with troupe Blue Light Burlesque. She has since headlined shows across North America and has performed in New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York, Texas, Detroit, and Chicago. She has been thrice voted into the Burlesque Top 50 by 21st Century Burlesque. In September 2018 she was crowned New Orleans Queen of Burlesque. She also holds titles at the 2019 Burlesque Hall of Fame (2nd Runner up and Most Innovative). Follow them on Instagram: @loulouladuchesse




Owen Owen Unruh is a Two-Spirit Cree, content creator, model and performer from Treaty 6 territory living in Montreal. He uses dance as a medium to express joy and embody his divine sexual energy. He believes reclaiming our sexuality and identities as Indigiqueer people is sacred and traditional. Find him on stage or online @owen.unruh to follow his journey of healing, empowerment, advocacy, and thirst traps.


Meet Raymond: a multi-talented creative professional with over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry. Whether they’re choreographing for the queens of Canada’s Drag Race or empowering queer community members on Crave Canada’s Canadian Screen Award winning “1 Queen 5 Queers”, Raymond is motivated by bringing queer art to the world. Raymond’s passion for the arts began in a junior high school dance class as a form of therapy while Raymond was in the foster care system. Most recently Raymond played the lead role in a workshop of Corey Payettte’s New musical “On Native Land” in Vancouver and will have their drag debut on an upcoming episode of Le Bonheur Season 3 on TVA.  Follow them on Instagram: @theonlyrjjb




She is a badass Matriarch, land defender, and all around deadly Auntie.  She is the Queen Of Fuck Around and Find Out!  If you all are ready to find out, put your hands together to welcome Miss Savage Moon. She first performed with Thirst Nation for their first of the 2024 series ‘Thirst Nation: Chill’ in Buddies in Bad Time’s Rhubarb Festival. Follow her on Instagram: @missarrakiss


Thrasher is a distressingly stunning mixed Indigenous and European, Queer, classically trained dancer and aerialist. In her almost 15-year burlesque career, she has performed on national and international stages, including Vienna and Montreal, as a solo performer, and she is ½ of the Dynamite Duo TnT. She regularly appears in Toronto at Live at The Funktion, produced by Sweet Rosie Mae. She has also performed with Bootleggers Burlesque, Legacy Cabaret, Les Femme Fatal Women of Colour Burlesque and many more! She has appeared in TV commercials and the feature film Becoming Burlesque, directed by Jackie English. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her as she commands the stage. Follow them on Instagram: @thrasher.burlesque


Ravyn Wngz “The Black Widow of Burlesque” is an Afro-Indigenous 2Spirit, Queer and Transcendent empowerment storyteller. Ravyn is an abolitionist and co-founder of ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company, Black Lives Matter Canada, & the Wildseed Centre for Arts & Activism, A Canadian Best Selling Author,Nobel Peace Prize Nominee (with Black Lives Matter) and Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada recipient of 2021. Ravyn is committed to eradicating all forms of anti-Black racism, settler colonialism systems of oppression while nurturing Black and Indigenous solidarity and healing in communities. Follow her on Instagram: @ravynwngz


Jay Northcott (Rosé Parks) is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on: directing, performance art, playwriting, burlesque/drag, and producing. Jay works to decolonize their art and practise through storytelling, movement, gesture and joy to create the fundamentals of their work. They continue to grow and make it their mission to uplift projects that put BIPOC Queer artists in the spotlight. Their goals: to make you cry and piss yourself at the same time, they want to bleed, break, grind, make money, fuck, fight and blow some shit up. Inspired my pop culture, aesthetic, lived experience and finding truth to develops techniques and experiences that questions: Why theatre is still relevant? A recent contestant on Big Brother Canada and Canada’s Family Feud, Ms Parks has class, gas and a big… butt! Follow them on Instagram: @itsroseparks

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