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Textile Museum of Canada

Project Funders
Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada Interactive Fund Ontario Trillium Foundation, Community Grants

Project Partners
Year Zero One
Toronto District School Board

Leadership Team
Project Director & Concept Development Shauna McCabe Executive Director, Textile Museum of Canada

Project Administration
Pat Neal Operations Manager, Textile Museum of Canada

Technical Project Management & Concept Development
Michael Alstad Year Zero One

Communications Lead
Alexandra Lopes Marketing and Communications, Textile Museum of Canada

Education Lead Susan Fohr Educational and Curriculum Programs, Textile Museum of Canada

Creative Development
Patricia Bentley
Natalia Nekrassova
Sarah Quinton
Roxane Shaughnessy
Amber Yared

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Michael Alstad, Camille Turner

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Michael Alstad, Camille Turner

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Robin Elliott

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Alexandra Lopes

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Robin Elliott

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Dory Kornfeld

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Robin Elliott, [murmur]; FluidIT Solutions; Simon Ditner

Original [murmur] Concept
Shawn Micallef, Gabe Sawhney, James Roussel

---- Audio Content Direction
Robin Elliott

Research, Production, Editing
Robin Elliott, Tim Groves, Alexandra Shimo, Nadia Halim, Rose Bianchini

Robin Elliott, Tim Groves, Alexandra Shimo, Nadia Halim, Rose Bianchini

Interview Participants
Juliet Palmer, Craig Morrison, Elizabeth Evans, Alisa McRonald, Lewis Kaye, Simon Rabyniuk, Joyce Gunhouse, Judy Cornish, Rick Salutin, Rhya Tamasauskas, Winnie Ng, Marya Follinsbee, Kim Huyn, Elly Green, Neil Brochu, Ken Bontius, Bob Jeffcott, Shelli Oh, Pam Woodward, Barbara Sternberg, Alec Keefer, Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Laurell Ritchie, Kingi Carpenter, Maria Vitoria, Adam VanHorne, Giuseppe Bianchini, David Kidd, Karen Dagg, Stacey Paterson

Special Thanks
Dorion Liebgott, Beth Tzedec Museum; City of Toronto Special Collections; Toronto Public Library; Steve Birek; Textile Museum of Canada; Heritage Canada

---- Video Content Research, Direction, Writing, Production
Camille Turner, Michael Alstad

Research Assistants
Lee Dickson, Karie Liao

Videography, Photography
Brahm Rosensweig, Barbara Greczny, Michael Alstad

Voice Over
Brahm Rosensweig, Camille Turner, Barbara Greczy, Reena Katz

Brahm Rosensweig, Barbara Greczny

Interview Participants
Linda Lundström, Andy Fabo, Josh Title, Larry Saltsman, Arlene Chan, Anna Chatterton, Damieon Royes, Joe Mimran, Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Jennifer Halchuk, Richard Lyle, Michelle Jacques, Vid Ingelevics, Steven Loft, David Dunkley, Sandra Corazza, Joe Lewis, Pat McDonagh, Chung-Im Kim, Roger McTair, Kate Hartman, Jessica Kasparian, Doug Begoray, Reena Katz, Herman Stewart

Special Thanks
Kyle Neill: City of Toronto Archives, Alex Dagg: Workers United, Maureen Hynes, Donna Bernardo-Ceriz: Ontario Jewish Archives, Dorion Liebgott: Beth Tzedec Museum, Rosemary Donegan, Winnie Ng: Ryerson University, Deborah Barndt: York University, Laurie Belzak: City of Toronto Sector Development Officer, Gerald Tulchinsky, Sarah Quinton, Patricia Neal, Shauna McCabe, David Kidd, Larry Kolton, Howard Podeswa, Sybil Goldstein, Brent Hollowell: Woolrich, Caron Phinney, Ruth Ladovsky, Gerald Tulchinsky

--- Image and music credits by location


Art Gallery of Ontario
Germaine Koh - Knitwork, 1992, Performance/installation detail, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 1997, photo: David Clearwater

Photo courtesy of the British Museum, 2002

Photo courtesy of the Art Gallery of Ontario, 2002
Galerie B-312, Montreal February 2012. Photo: Gordon Hicks


Balfour: Balfour Building History

City of Toronto Archives:
T. Eaton Factory 1912, Fonds 1244, Item 7034A
Spadina, King to Adelaide, Fonds 372, Sub-Series 58, Item 1204

Ontario Jewish Archives:
Benjamin Brown with Ben Hillman at Kew Beach, ca. 1912, Fonds 49, item 2
Benjamin Brown in front of the Ostrovzter Synagogue, 1974. Ontario Jewish Archives, photo #291.

Archives of Ontario:
Eaton's store factory, Toronto, 1901, T. Eaton Co. Fonds
Box 3, F 229-1-0-21
Used with the permission of Sears Canada Inc.

Kheel Center, Cornell University:
International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union Archives, ILGWU Toronto striking women garment workers, March 25, 1912


Balfour Building: Dressmakers Strike

Ontario Jewish Archives:
Dressmakers General Strike, Dressmakers Union I.L.G.W.U, 1931.

City of Toronto Archives:
Fonds 1266, Item 23261
Fonds 1266, Item 23262
Fonds 124, File 124, Item 1000, id0026

Balfour Building: WTF

Ontario Jewish Archives:
S. Kelman Furs, Fashion Building, ca. 1935, Fonds 12, item 26

City of Toronto Archives:
Fonds 1244, Item 601
Toronto City Hall image (Creative Commons)

Balfour Building: Cate and Levi
Photos courtesy of Josh Title, Cate & Levi


Big It Up
Photos courtesy of the Big It Up collection
Music courtesy of Partners in Rhyme


The Bay/Simpsons

Flora MacDonald Denison
Toronto Public Library Collection:
Robert Simpson Co. Department Store, Yonge & Queen Street, 1895 - public domain

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library: Flora MacDonald Denison papers [manuscript] 1898-1921 Ontario Parks: Bon Echo

Steven Loft: Hudson’s Bay Blanket
Hudson’s Bay Company Archives - Archives of Manitoba

Blackfoot Indians dressed in HBC blankets ca. 1925, HBCA 1987/363-W-114/12.

HBC point blankets in Kwakiutl Indian house at Fort Rupert, 1898, HBCA 1987/363-W-114/6

Rebecca Belmore’s The Blanketimages courtesy of Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg


Berkeley Castle - Joseph Simpson Knitting Mills
Archival site photos courtesy of Berkeley Castle Investments:

Alexander Turnbull Library: reference number MNZ-0704-1/4

Lia Cook exhibition photos courtesy of the Textile Museum of Canada

Exhibition photos of Berkeley Castle Gallery exhibition ‘Telling Tales: Narrative Woven Textiles’ courtesy of Joe Lewis


Bluebird Building
Painting images courtesy of Howard Podeswa from the exhibition: Sole of a Shoe: Three Generations of Painting Chaim Pinchas Podeszwa, Yidel Podeswa, Howard Podeswa

Photos courtesy of Paloma Blanca
1943 War Department Film Bulletin No 48 produced by the Signal Corps Photographic Center


ChromaZone Video Credits Excerpts from: CHROMAZONE/CHROMATIQUE 1981-1986 Producer/Director: Sybil Goldstein, 2011

Photography: George Whiteside & Tony Wilson
Support: Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art & Ontario Arts Council
Full version on:
General Idea image (Creative Commons):


Club Monaco
Photography: Patrick Cummins


Currie Neckwear

City of Toronto Archives:
Series 230, Item 148 - Film Clip on the Fire of 1904 from the Library and Archives Canada
Yonge Street looking north from Temperance, Fonds 1568, Item 311
Images from Triangle fire courtesy of Mike Stout and the Human Union's video "The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire."


Darling Building
All images are from Toronto Star, 1934 - Public Library archive.

Voice over: Reena Katz

"Strike" sound sample from Occupy Oakland's General Assembly on October 26, 2011 as Uploaded by OakFoShoon YouTube.

Freesound: for the other sounds.


Eaton’s Factory

City of Toronto Archives: 61 to 65 Terauley, 1912. Series 372, ss0032_it0036

Archives of Ontario - T. Eaton Company fonds:
Fall-Winter Catalogue, showing Yonge Street store, Toronto, 1884, Item Reference Code: F 229-1-0-1, Digital Image Number: I0028249
Eaton's stores and factories, Date: [between 1900 and 1925], Item Reference Code: F 229-308-0-371, Digital Image Number: I0012625.jpg
Interior of one of the Eaton's factories, Eaton's department store, Toronto, 1901, Item Reference Code: F 229-1-0-21
Eaton's employees at work in the harness factory, 1910, Item Reference Code: F 229-308-0-372, Digital Image Number: I0012351.JPG
Eaton's employees at work in the millinery work room, 1910, Item Reference Code: F 229-308-0-372, Digital Image Number: I0012361.JPG
Eaton's employees at work in the designing and cutting room, making ladies' clothing
Item Reference Code: F 229-308-0-372, Digital Image Number: I0012359.JPG
Eaton's employees at work cutting men's clothing Date: [ca. 1910], Item Reference Code: F 229-308-0-372, Digital Image Number: I0012358.JPG
Eaton's employees at work making ladies' waists Date: [ca. 1910], Item Reference Code: F 229-308-0-372, Digital Image Number: I0012357.JPG

Music by Torley on Piano, Solo piano 7: Improvisations for a New Age


Labor Lyceum: 33 Cecil Street
Workers United: ILGWU strike photos and archival images, photographed by Lisa Sakulensky


Labor Lyceum: 346 Spadina

Ontario Jewish Archives:
Cloakmakers Union, Branch 16, Labor League, [193-], photo #1625. Courtesy of the Estate of Max Speisman.
Lecture notice for speech by Emma Goldman "The Youth in Revolt" at the Labor Lyceum, between 1928 and 1935, photo #3656.
Henry Dworkin’s share certificate in Toronto Labor Lyceum Association, 1920, accession #2006-1/2.
Toronto Labor Lyceum Association First Annual Fruit Ball poster, 1927, photo #4042.
1935 Federal Election Campaign pin, fonds 92, series 3, file 3.
1943 Provincial Election Campaign poster, fonds 92, series 3, file 12.

City of Toronto Archives:
Slum courtyard. 142 Agnes Street. (November 26, 1913) Series 372, Sub Series 32, Item 259
Slum – Price’s Lane (August 27, 1914) Series 372, Sub Series 32, Item 320

United Bakers Spadina shop photo courtesy of The Ladovsky Family of United Bakers
ILGWU photo courtesy of Workers United


A selection of images from “The Magnificent, The Merry and The Mundane: The Display Windows of the Eaton’s Department Store” an Ontario Archives online exhibition curated by Vid Ingelevics

Archives of Ontario - T. Eaton Co. fonds:
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-2155, Digital Image Number: I0028815
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1868, Digital Image Number: I0028539
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1903, Digital Image Number: I0028884
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-2145, Digital Image Number: I0028813
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1193, Digital Image Number: I0028664
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1194, Digital Image Number: I0028669
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1911, Digital Image Number: I0028901
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1905, Digital Image Number: I0028896
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1906, Digital Image Number: I0028898
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-2129, Digital Image Number: I0028971
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1200, Digital Image Number: I0028933
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-318, Digital Image Number: I0028438
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1201, Digital Image Number: I0028957
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1198, Digital Image Number: I0028684
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-2149, Digital Image Number: I0028854
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-2149, Digital Image Number: I0028854
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1204, Digital Image Number: I0028751
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1205, Digital Image Number: I0028758
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1177, Digital Image Number: I0028586
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1862, Digital Image Number: I0028463
Reference Code: F 229-308-0-1207, Digital Image Number: I0029137


Linda Lundström: Soho/Phoebe
Images courtesy of Linda Lundström Works
Music courtesy of Jamendo - Creative Commons license


Linda Lundström: Tower Building
Image of Gertrude Kahan courtesy of A Common Thread - a History of Toronto’s Garment Industrycurated by Dorian Liebgott - Beth Tzedec Reuben and Helene Dennis Museum


Livingstone & Johnston

City of Toronto Archives:
W.R. Johnston & Co Ltd. fonds 1231, Item 1749
Series 372, subseries 100, item 109
Series 372, subseries 52, item 642
Series 71, item 8454
Fonds 1244, item 7348
Fonds 1231, item 2171
Fonds 1231, item 477


Music courtesy of Jamendo Album #052441 Carlo Tamponi, Vivaldi baroque music


McGregor Socks
Photos courtesy of McGregor Socks
City of Toronto Archives:
56 – 58 Elizabeth St. fond 200 series 372 subseries 33 item 171
109 - 111 Elizabeth St. fonds 200 series 372 subseries 33 item 161
Spadina Ave north from Front St. fond 1231, item 1111


Photos courtesy of Woolrich, Inc.
Ceridwen [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Miss Burnett French Millinery

City of Toronto Archives:
Fonds 1244, item 1113
Fonds 1244, item 10042
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 0058
Fonds 1568, item 0039
Fonds 200, series 376, file 1, item 93b
Fonds 1231, item 0494


Moore’s Occidental Cleaning Store

Archives of Ontario:
Toronto Telegram fonds, ASC06307
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) black porter, 925 (RG 2-71 VS-15)
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) black porter, 1925 (RG 2-71 VS-14)
Spadina Avenue, Toronto [ca. 1922] (RG 9-7-5-0-49)

City of Toronto Archives:
fonds 1244, item 7348
fonds 1231, item 2171
fonds 1231, item 477
fonds 1231, item 476
fonds 1231, item 2050
series 71 item 3540
series 71 item 3532


MS Originals
Casablanca photo (CC):
Pattern (CC):
Alfred Sung pic (CC):


OCAD - McCaul Street
The Wonder of Stem Cells - Ontario Science Centre, Idea Gallery: Anjali Jaywar, Colleen McCarten, Hayley Sherman, Theresa Duong Talk to Me - Oldouz Moslemian
Warm Me -Oldouz Moslemian


OCAD - Richmond Street
Rachel Kess, Soft Robot (blink)
Erin Lewis, Earthquake Skirt
Loretta Faveri, Chance Operations of the Body – beyond Cage and Cunningham


Pat McDonagh
Images courtesy of Pat McDonagh Couture


Sammy Taft Hats

City of Toronto Archives
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4427
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4431
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4377
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4400
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4425
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4424
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4406
Fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4383
fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4396
fonds 1257, series 1057, item 4378

Photo of Sammy Taft shop and window display courtesy of Patrick Cummins


Standard Woolen Mills - Canadian Opera Company
Alexander Turnbull Library: reference # MNZ-0704-1/4

Sketches courtesy of the Canadian Opera Company - Tosca’s set and costume designer Kevin Knight


Turco-Persian Rugs

City of Toronto Archives, Series 0372 Subseries 0041 Item 0798
Photos of Turco-Persian staff and Mrs. Eaton courtesy of Turco-Persian Rug Company


Urban Outfitters
The Tale of the Town Queen West photo and video documentation courtesy of FIXT POINT
Music courtesy of


W.R. Johnston

City of Toronto Archives:
fonds 1231, Item 1749
series 372, subseries 100, item 109
series 372, subseries 52, item 642
series 71, item 8454
fonds 1244, item 7348
fonds 1231, item 2171
fonds 1231, item 477


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