Museum Collections - Mesoamerica - West Mexican Cultures - Artifact #8

Ceramic hollow female figure - West Mexican Cultures

WHO: Culture group from the Nayarit region of West Mexico

WHERE: Nayarit, West Mexico

WHEN: Late Preclassic Period, 200 B.C. - A.D. 250

WHAT: Standing female, hollow figure. The woman depicted is adorned with a large necklace and ear ornaments. The black resist decoration suggests body paint or tattooing, or possibly clothing.

Resist decoration is produced when a piece has a slip applied to it and then over the top, in a decorative way, a resist material, honey, wax or some plant substance, is applied. Over the top of this another layer of slip is applied, which doesn't adhere to the area with the resist substance, leaving the resist area to appear as a decoration.
Height: 43.2cm

HOW: Coil-built and hand-modelled red earthenware, burnished red slip with black resist decoration.

MUSEUM: Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. G83.1.45

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