Museum Collections - Mesoamerica - Teotihuacan - Artifact #3

Painted ceramic bowl - Teotihuacan

WHO: Teotihuacan culture

WHERE: Northeastern Valley of Mexico

WHEN: Classic Period, A.D. 450- 650

WHAT: Bowl coated with a thin stucco plaster and painted with four faces wearing plumed head-dresses. The impression given by the decoration on this bowl is akin to the wall murals found at Teotihuacan, which were polychrome and painted over a thin coat of white plaster. These colourful murals are found throughout the city. Red is the most dominant colour found in most murals, as it is on this vessel.
Diameter: 20.2cm

HOW: Hand-formed brown earthenware with stucco and polychrome decorations.

MUSEUM: Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. G83.1.112

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