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Blouse - Maya (Post Contact)

WHO: Cakchiquel Maya culture

WHERE: San Martin Jilotepeque or San Andres Sematabaj, Guatemala

WHEN: 1990s

WHAT: Woman's huipil of red cotton with bands of geometric designs in supplementary weft brocade in multiple colours. The horizontal zigzags across the chest represent the feathered serpent, an important symbol from the Classic Maya civilization. Earth deities and the serpent are important to the Cakchiquel. Other designs include the flag motif. It is difficult to determine where this huipil originated. The style of this huipil is worn in both San Martin Jilotepque and San Andres Sematabaj, and common design elements such as chevrons, zigzags and grid patterns are represented in a number of villages. Communication between villages has increased over the last few years and style motifs are shared.

HOW: Two loom widths of red cotton with cotton supplementary weft brocading in geometric designs.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T98.0099

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