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Blouse - Maya (Post Contact)

WHO: Cakchiquel Maya culture

WHERE: San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

WHEN: 1970s

WHAT: Huipil or woman's blouse of two loom widths. Striped purple, yellow, red and handspun natural brown cotton (cuyuscate) warp with supplementary weft brocaded designs in blue, yellow, purple and green. The designs depict a bird-like creature, and an opossum, which represents a manifestation of the Maya God of Dawn. Embroidery is used to join the selvedges (randa), and the neck edging is finished with velvet appliqué. The use of vibrant colours and the superimposition of these bold designs on the stripe pattern creates an unusual and distinctive effect that distinguishes these huipils from other villages.
Width: 111 cm

HOW: Two loom widths of cotton with natural brown handspun cotton, with supplementary weft brocading of bold figurative designs.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T85.0108

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