Museum Collections - Intermediate Area - Artifact #8

Ceramic Female Figure - Intermediate Area

WHO: Valdivia culture

WHERE: Southern coastal valleys, Ecuador

WHEN: 3200-1500 B.C.

WHAT: This female figure is one of the oldest creations in clay in the Americas. The Valdivia culture of Ecuador dates from approximately 3500 B.C. and represents one of the earliest ceramic traditions in this hemisphere. Valdivia potters were very accomplished artists and a multitude of similar figures, as well as beautifully made ceramics, have been found in archaeological sites from the earliest time periods. These figures may have been used for fertility rituals, but it is equally likely that they were used for curing ceremonies.
Height: 10.5 cm

HOW: Hand-modelled brown earthenware, incised decoration.

MUSEUM: Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. G83.1.191

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