Museum Collections - Intermediate Area- Artifact #4

Ceramic Seated Figure - Intermediate Area

WHO: Quimbaya culture

WHERE: Cauca Valley, Colombia

WHEN: A.D. 500-1000

WHAT: This seated figure, possibly female, wearing a gold nose ring is a fairly typical example of the ceramics from this era in the Cauca Valley of Colombia. The holes in the figure's slab-like head and torso were probably used to attach pieces of cloth or hair to the image but these organic accessories would have rotted away before the piece was unearthed. The abstract qualities of these ceramics contrast strongly with the naturalistic masterpieces which the Quimbaya goldsmiths created in gold and copper mixtures called tumbaga.
Height: 35.5 cm

HOW: Slab-built, hand-modelled with coil-built additions.

MUSEUM: Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. G83.1.175

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