Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Chancay - Artifact #7

Gauze head-cloth - Chancay

WHO: Chancay culture

WHERE: Central coast, Peru

WHEN: Late Intermediate Period/ Late Horizon, A.D. 1200-1550

WHAT: Finely woven head-cloth made with two panels of gauze weave joined in centre. Repeating embroidered outlining creates designs consisting of two figures in diagonals: pelican shown standing, alternating with a transforming figure with a pelican head on the body of a quadruped in profile.
Length: 100 cm

HOW: Gauze weave; there are two structures used to give the figure-ground contrast: the denser figures are 1/1 in alternate alignment, and the more open background is 1/1 in vertical alignment. The added embroidered outlines follow around the figures; cotton warp and weft threads, highly over-twisted.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T81.0100

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