Identity& Society

Textiles convey messages about individuals and groups of people.

Images, patterns, colours, materials, and ways of making suggest belonging and kinship, social connections, and deep understanding of individuals, cultures, and subcultures. Textiles shape us as much as we shape them; they can conceal us and they can make us visible.

01. Programs

Online Presentation: Printed Textiles from Kinngait Studios tour with Nakasuk Alariaq

On Saturday April 17, exhibition curatorial consultant Nakasuk Alariaq traced the roots of contemporary art in her hometown of Sikusiilaq or Kinngait and shared personal anecdotes on the artists featured in Printed Textiles from Kinngait Studios.

Nakasuk Alariaq is an Inuk-Finnish Canadian who was raised in Sikusiilaq (Kinngait/Cape Dorset). She has completed her Master’s in Art History and Curatorial Studies at Western University where she focused her thesis on Inuit self-representation in arts institutions. In her master’s thesis, Nakasuk discussed contemporary Inuit art from her hometown and presented it as an exhibition “Sanaugavut: Art from Kinngait” at McIntosh Gallery (Western University) in the spring of 2019.

The image depicts samples of red work embroidery

Online Workshop: Embroidery Sewing Circle with Catherine Heard and Shiemara Hogarth

On Sunday May 9, Heard and textile artist Shiemara Hogarth lead an online sewing circle to embroider patches for Redwork: The Emperor of Atlantis, and participants were encouraged to engage in dialogue and idea exchange.

This program is the second of two programs featuring Redwork: The Emperor of Atlantis and is in partnership between the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Niagara Artist Centre, and the Textile Museum of Canada. On Sunday April 11, 2021, 2–3 pm, the Art Gallery of Windsor hosted an online conversation between Hogarth and Heard on how themes of political activism, collaboration, and community are manifested in Redwork: The Emperor of Atlantis.

02. Supporting Content

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