Crochet Workshop with Chason Yeboah

General $40, Supporters $35

*Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been canceled. We hope to reschedule for a future date*

Join us to craft soothing eye masks and pillows, customizable with lentils or oats for gentle weight. Take a break, rest your eyes with the eye mask, and discover how the added weight of the eye pillow promotes deeper relaxation, relieving stress and enhancing overall well-being.  Note: Materials will be provided from our Reuse program for everyone to use.

About the artist:
Chason Adjoa Nana Yeboah-Brown (she/her b. 1991, Toronto) is a self-taught textile sculptor, doll maker and story-teller, exploring the oscillation of ancestral ritual through reconstructed, (un)woven and crocheted structures. Many of her works directly focus on themes of shame, loss of identity, sexuality, the notion and practice of “self-love”, hybridity, energy transference, and acknowledgement of the human form, with a primary focus on marginalized humans. Her desire is to traverse the interconnectivity of these themes, and from those travels – be it through her inclusive dolls, personification soft sculptures or “safe space” creations, provoke more conversation and thought on communal awareness.

Embark on a journey of care and creativity with the Textile Museum’s Rest Through the Arts program for Black History Month 2024.

Rest Through the Arts aims to provide a space where community members can reflect, resource, and relax through the meditative practice of textile arts. Through collective crafting, this program highlights the significance of rest as a form of resistance, resilience, and self-preservation within the Black community.

Through a series of artist-led workshops, participants are invited to channel their creativity into crafting projects that encourage rest and healing. Whether it’s through the rhythmic repetition of stitches in crochet, the soothing motions of knitting, or the intricacies of quilting, each workshop becomes a powerful expression of self-care and community support that encourages you to find ease with your very own handmade eye-mask, pillow, blanket and more.

Join us in this celebration of creativity, well-being and rest through the arts during Black History Month and beyond.

For any questions or accessibility needs, please email Allie Davis at

Type: Program

Date: Feb 18, 2pm - 5pm

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